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Build muscle and shed fat every week with intelligent training and a real food diet.



All coaching delivered through a custom App. Track your workouts, access your meal plan, chat in the group and most importantly, speak directly to your coach.

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Anyone can count calories and lose weight, but it's not sustainable. We guide you to transform your approach to training and nutrition.

To achieve and maintain a lean physique, change your relationship with food. To build noticeable muscle, optimise your training for hypertrophy

Join our coaching program for permanent, sustainable results and a physique you'll be proud of.

Marlon was a barber in his early 30s. He found it hard to make healthy choices eating out most of the day. He lacked confidence in his appearance and dreaded having to take his shirt off on holiday...

Fast forward 6 months, and not only did he lose 16kg of fat, but Marlon also gained 3.5kg of muscle, meaning his total fat-loss was closer to 20kg...

His new size gains thickened up his chest and arms, widened his shoulders, and when combined with a narrower waist gave him the classic v-taper shape he'd always dreamed of achieving.

Reece was your typical gym bro, in his early twenties, training 5 or 6 days/week.

Spending money on new active wear, protein supplements, etc etc every week, but never investing in coaching...

He was putting in all the effort, but unfortunately as with many clients we encounter, the efforts were pulling in opposite directions...

We converged his efforts, lost the fluff, built some new tissue and 10 weeks later, the guy looked completely different.

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Bec was obsessed with tracking calories, having been convinced it was the only way to lose fat.

She barely ate more than 1,600 calories/day, and couldn't lose weight...

She was just eating the wrong foods...

6 months after working with us, Bec was eating 2,200 on a sustainable meal plan, never had to track or scan, and was getting leaner and tighter every week.


  • Direct 1-1 access to an expert aesthetics-focused coaching team

  • Manually customised training/non-training day meal plans

  • Manually built training plans optimised for maximum hypertrophy

  • Weekly check-ins with email feedback and changes

  • Access to the Leppan Physiques community

  • Discounted in-person PT sessions

  • Free anytime onsite check-in service at Goodlife Bundall

  • Exclusive offers on merch and supplements


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