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  • Learn to train for size & aesthetics

  • Ditch ineffective mindset traps of 'burn it off' and 'burning calories'

  • Build lean mass

  • Improve mind-muscle connection and increase muscle fibre recruitment

  • Enjoy tailored workouts based on goals, available time & experience

  • Track workouts with the Leppan Physiques Training App


  • Plans based on real food, not processed garbage

  • Experience better pumps, enhanced muscle definition & improved body composition changes weekly

  • Enjoy 100% customised nutrition plans, with swap options & a weekly shopping list

  • See enhanced definition, less water retention, and a sharper, drier look

  • Understand hormones like testosterone & insulin, and their effect in promoting fat storage

  • Understand why what you eat really does matter, & why calories are not equal

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  • Be held accountable by your coach

  • More accountability = better results

  • Check-in online in just a few mins

  • Receive check-in feedback via email

  • Receive changes to training/nutrition made by your coach at check-in to steer progress

  • Request changes to training/nutrition at check-in to improve adherence

  • More check-ins = faster results


Join our results-driven, physique coaching community today and take your physique, mindset, and whole training philosophy to the next level.

Heard that before?

We are serious about helping you.

Most people in gyms want similar results - more muscle, less fat, better appearance.

However, most are going about achieving these goals in, at best, a contradictory manner, i.e. wasting energy and being pulled in different directions, or at worst, the complete wrong way, and potentially even moving backwards.


  • Using cardio as a primary tool to burn fat

  • Trying to build bigger legs by leg-pressing as many plates as possible

  • Too uch boxing as well as resistance training

  • Simply training with weights too often

We could go on and on...

We are different, because ALL of our coaches are based in a real gym on Australia's Gold Coast, we all help real clients improve their training and nutrition, in person, every single week.

It's during these face-to-face interactions that we have honed our teaching & coaching skills.

And these skills help us to be better online coaches.

Our methods have proven successful in 3 different gyms worldwide, including London and Dubai, and we are now permanently located on the Gold Coast in Queensland, Australia.

Our results are driven by the following core coaching principles:

1. Nutrition Mastery: Clients develop better eating habits and enhance their nutritional knowledge, leading to a lasting transformation in their relationship with food.

2. Hypertrophy Training: Clients experience the benefits of hypertrophy-focused training, guided by coaches with authentic bodybuilding expertise and experience.

3. Enhanced Accountability: Clients witness consistent progress through a structured accountability and feedback system, ensuring progressive, weekly results.

4. Improved Confidence: Clients build confidence not only in their improved appearance, but also, in their ability to shape and sculpt their physique, as well as how their intent and discipline begin to reliably and positively impact their body composition and aesthetics.

5. Sustainable Progress: Clients gain comprehensive knowledge, setting a foundation for lifelong results, ensuring benefits extend beyond the coaching period.

6. Life-Ready Skills: Clients develop and refine skills such as discipline, intent, perseverance etc., applicable both in and out of the gym, enhancing all aspects of their lives.

Our online coaching is more than a physical transformation; it's about developing a lifestyle rooted in aesthetics, discipline, confidence and success.


Join our team and experience the difference today.

  • I've tried other online programs before, how is this any different?
    This is not a program! This is a tailored coaching experience. Working 1-1 with your selected coach, with regular online check-ins, photos and plan tweaks/changes. On the premium level, working directly with Warren, you receive a personal weekly phone call to add another level of accountability, and knowledge-building. There is no 'set length'. We will get you eating better and training better in order to see weekly results. How long you decide to continue will be based on how far you want to take your results. Leppan Physiques will design you an entirely unique, tailored workout program, based on your goals, the time you have available, your experience/current condition, the equipment you have available, and your nutrition preferences. With us you are hiring a coach who will monitor your progress through check-ins/calls and make adjustments to your training, cardio and nutrition to ensure you are always on the most effective path towards your goals, each and every single week. And if and when those goals change, e.g. shred to bulk, or vice-versa, your plans will change, too. Your plans will always reflect the most effective path towards your goals.
  • What do I receive for the payment each week?
    You're not buying a set program, or even a weekly service per se. You're investing in an overall physique transformation; the length of which is dependant on how far you want to take your results. We've had clients some clients onboard for 3 years, and still seeing weekly changes. They are miles ahead of where they started now. We'll set goals for eg. 12 weeks, and then provide you with whatever plans, subsequent changes, support, answers, weekly check-ins and most importantly, the accountability framework to achieve that transformation within that timeframe. You might receive several training programs, and we've had clients who've received a different meal plan every week based on change requests, or changes directed by us following high levels of compliance, in order to keep the client progressing every week.
  • Do I need to be at a certain level, or condition, to be ready for this type of online coaching?
    No - if you are currently struggling with motivation, discipline or consistency, you will only benefit more from the accountability process involved in coaching.
  • Will I get to speak to my coach directly?
    Yes - all clients have direct 1-1 access to their coach at all times through a private coaching channel within the Leppan Physiques App. Premium clients working directly with Warren have 1-1 calls every week.
  • If I ask a question, how long will I wait for a response?
    Often only a few hours, but 24 hours at most. Depending on the level/complexity of the question, your coach will wait until they can respond with sufficient detail rather than sending one-word answers on the fly.
  • How fast will I lose fat?
    This will depend on your initial body fat percentage; the higher it is now, the faster you'll lose fat at the beginning. We not prioritise drastic, unsustainable weight-loss at the expense of losing muscle-mass, or compromising health/metabolic health. Severe deficits, and/or inadequate nutrition such as when relying on shakes, juices or by cutting out entire food groups will almost always result in severe cravings and ultimately uncontrollable binging and the rapid regain of body fat as a result. For clients focused on fat-loss, we use balanced nutrition programs, providing as much high quality nutrition as possible, whilst still inducing an effective and sustainable calorie deficit. On average, this will result in weight-loss of approx. 1% of your total body weight per week. For those with higher body fat percentages, this may rise as high as 1.5 or even 2% during some weeks, especially if consistency with the meal plan is high.
  • Do you work with beginners?
    Absolutely - we have no entry requirements in terms of current condition, age, gender or experience levels!
  • Are your reviews all genuine?
    It's a sad reality that some 'coaches' in this industry are stealing transformation photos (hence the watermark on all of ours). You can be assured all of our reviews are quotes taken verbatim from emails, messages in the App, or the review/commenting section at the bottom of this page, where clients and ex-clients leave their reviews directly. Googling 'Leppan Physiques' will bring up even more quality reviews which we are extremely proud of.
  • What if I don't like my programs?
    Your programs, either nutrition, training or both, are built to your exact specification, based off your answers to two in-depth questionnaires. Should they fall short of your expectations in any way, we will discuss any changes in respect of your goals to ensure they align, and proceed with any required changes straight away. Check-ins provide further opportunity for any changes in the future. Client satisfaction is our priority, and we aim to provide 100% clarity on how to reach your goals at all times.
  • What is involved in the check-in process?
    Check-ins are very quick and easy! You will have access to a private link to an online check-in form. The form contains a series of short questions asking for weight, week number etc, as well as several scores out of 10 for tracking important factors such as energy, motivation, consistency etc. The form also contains several free-text boxes for workout change requests, meal-plan change requests, or any other requests you would like, or for any questions you have about anything. When you submit the form, it will arrive directly into the email inbox of your coach, and you will receive an email response with feedback, and confirmation of any requested changes made within 24-48 hours.
  • How are changes made to my programs?
    All training changes are made directly in the App by way of your coach manually editing your program, replacing exercises, amending reps/sets etc, shortening/lengthening workouts etc. All meal plan changes will result in a brand new meal plan being created and uploaded into the App, with all changes shown in red for easy identification.
  • Why do I need changes made to my programs?
    The main point here is that unless you having your programs adjusted regularly, you are not receiving coaching, but rather, instructing. Your meal plan, and/or macros, will need adjusting, and potentially many times along your journey, to ensure you remain in the right level of deficit, or surplus, as your metabolism changes. Failure to change macros correctly will result in plateaus, energy crashes and/or unnecessary fat-gain. Your training will also need changing along the way to ensure your body is always challenged, but also if you change gym, train at home, train on holiday, or reach a plateau in an exercise.
  • Will I have to do cardio for fat-loss?
    No - all clients start with no additional cardio. We ensure your regular weight-training, combined with your meal plan, are creating the required calorie deficit. Once weekly fat-loss is achieved, cardio can (at your request) be gradually introduced to compliment the exisiting program, and slightly accelerate results. Note, it is entirely possible to lose fat by being consistent with your meal plan and weight-training alone, without ever doing additional cardio.
  • Will I have to eat 6 meals/day and train 5 times/week like a bodybuilder?
    No - you will specify the training frequency you can commit to, and the same for meal frequency. If you want to change your meal frequency at any point, this can be done at check-in, every week if need be. If you find you can commit to more training sessions, we'll add them in. If you want to cut back, we'll condense your program. All these changes and many more can be requested during weekly check-ins. Even just 3 training sessions per week is adequate to see weekly lean muscle added. And similarly, your macro intake over a 24-hour cycle is more important than individual meal timings.
  • Is there any guarantee I'll see results?
    Our coaching methods have proven successful with 1,000+ clients online and in-person in the gym, following exactly the same principles. We can guarantee you that if you follow the plan, and stay in contact via the check-in process, you will reach your goals faster than ever before, and see weekly, visible results.



I grew up in South Africa and moved to the UK for university. I completed a Masters in Aerospace Engineering in 2010, I then joined the Royal Navy's Fleet Air Arm as a Pilot.


Following the military, I moved into investment banking at J P Morgan in London before relocating to Australia with Macquarie Bank in Sydney.

I missed the leadership and physical aspects of the military, and with almost two decades of gym experience, I decided to leave the Bank to pursue my passion for training and nutrition.


After moving back to the UK temporarily, I trained clients at a central London gym, before the pandemic's impact resulted in a shift to online coaching. I then spent a year in Dubai, building experience at a top regional bodybuilding gym.

Returning to Australia in 2021 and settling on the Gold Coast, I expanded my online business by returning to personal training at one of the biggest and busiest clubs in the area - Goodlife Bundall, with over 5,000 members and 30 trainers.


The business grew rapidly, and in March 2023, I hired my first sub-contracting trainer, based in the same gym. In January 2024, I hired my second trainer, and as of Febuary 2024, together we look after 80+ PT clients every single week.

I believe working on a gym floor, with real clients in-person should be the basis for any online coaching business.


You cannot teach the experience gained in a real coaching setting.


In my opinion, no online fitness coach who has not worked with clients in-person should be selling coaching or programs.


I've had a lifelong interest in nutrition, and many dozens of books and thousands of hours of seminars and studying have given me a thorough understanding of the metabolism, hormones and nutrition for performance overall.


Results are deeply tied to nutrition, whether building muscle or losing fat.


The advanced training styles and techniques I teach are important, but only after dialling in nutrition.


Attempting to outwork a poor diet leads to an unhealthy approach to exercise, and a constant 'burn it off' mindset, which is the opposite of the approach needed to build and sculpt a physique.


I watch hundreds come into my gym everyday, enslaved to their calorie-tracking watches, piling into various classes in a desperate attempt to measure success by how much they sweat or 'burn off'.


Unfortunately, they may 'lose weight', but they will never achieve the image they have in their heads of where they want to go with their physiques. Calories are NOT equal, and producing a lean, defined physique, although simple and within the grasp of everyone, does not come down to tracking calories.


I believe there are two paths in weight training: powerlifting or bodybuilding.


And my focus is purely on the latter, after personally wasting years of my own journey needlessly pursuing strength, believing I'd see aesthetic results.


This is not a new concept.


Social media has almost entirely washed out all of the old-school wisdom relating to bodybuilding with a new fixation on 'one rep maxes' and 'deadlift PBs'; neither of which matter for hypertrophy and aesthetics.

But I am working hard to restore the original logic and simplicity, once well-known, when it comes to building muscle and improving the aesthetics of a physique.

I model our methods at Leppan Physiques on some of the greatest-ever physique coaches, such as Arthur Jones, Vince Gironda, Reg Park, Charles Glass, Mike Mentzer, Milos Sarcev and more recently, Hany Rambod, Matt Jansen, Mike Van Wyck etc.

We offer a unique combined approach, utilising all the wisdom and techniques of some of the greatest physique coaches.

It's practical, logical and bloody successful.


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