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We do not just do 'sweat and forget' training sessions like the majority of the industry.

More sessions with us will not equal better or faster results.

This is high-level coaching aimed at individuals who are already disciplined to train and already making an attempt with nutrition.

We will teach you to train better, and eat better, by yourself, by significantly advancing your training knowledge & skills, and your knowledge of performance nutrition.


You are not lifting weights to 'tone, burn fat or burn calories'.


Your fat-loss goals will be addressed by us by correcting your nutrition


Once nutrition is consistent, the implementation of precisely monitored cardio requirements can help accelerate any fat-loss goals.

Training is about utilising energy wisely to build muscle, not mindlessly expending it to 'burn calories' and combat poor nutrition. This almost always results in gradual muscle loss. Examples would include aggressive cardio, 'fitness classes', Crossfit, F45, BFT, S30 or other similar style workouts.

Physical condition and training experience is irrelevant when joining the team.


Everything is tailored to your current condition and experience, whether you've been lifting for a few months, or 20 years.


Our coaching is not aimed at those who've given up and need motivation.


We look to work with those who are ready step it up & upgrade their entire routine, knowledge and results.


Phase 1 - Training for Aesthetics & Hypertrophy

  • Old-skool & highly effective training philosophy

  • Overview of aesthetics-focused training

  • Setting realistic aesthetic goals

  • Understanding hypertrophy and muscle definition

Phase 2 - Performance Nutrition

  • Understanding sub.q/visceral fat, water-retention & overall body composition

  • Macros & micros vs. calories

  • Insulin as an anabolic, or a fat-promoting hormone

  • Glycogen & energy systems

Phase 3 - Targeted Muscle Growth

  • Developing mind-muscle connection

  • Increasing ROM, further understanding rep mechanics, tempo etc.

  • The importance of isolation exercises in bodybuilding

  • Understanding resistance curves, machines, biasing and  advanced exercise selection

Phase 4 - Advanced Training Techniques

  • Increasing muscle fibre recruitment

  • Increasing intensity

  • Reducing volume, increasing training intent, improving recovery - without losing muscle tissue

  • Strategies for breaking through plateaus

Phase 5 - Sculpting Your Physique

  • Fine-Tuning Aesthetics 

  • Focusing on symmetry & proportions

  • Long term strategies for imbalances and lagging body parts

  • The importance of posing and presentation 

Phase 6 - Sustainability and Progress

  • Strategies for maintaining aesthetic results

  • Lifestyle integration

  • Accountability & self-discipline

  • Setting long-term goals


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