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Is Online Coaching For Me?

When you quit, I fail. That's my take on it, and that sums up my attitude to letting you quit.

But you can't save them all...

So here's my thoughts on whether you will succeed with online coaching. Because, to be frank, I'm sick of having my time wasted.

Can you motivate yourself to get up early in the morning and go train? Or head to the gym after work, even if your meeting runs late and all your friends are going to the bar instead? Can you handle eating the same foods most days of the week? Do you have the self-discipline to ensure you weigh-in frequently and take photos every few weeks? Are you going to respond to emails and messages at all times, not just when you 'feel' motivated? Can you tolerate a little discomfort in life? Can you handle feeling hungry? Feeling tired? Having aching muscles?

If you've answered no to any of the above, then exit here.

You do not have what it takes to succeed online, and you will only be wasting your time and money. In addition, if there are too many negative answers up there, you're unlikely to succeed at all, ever. And if you do, it'll probably be down to you leaning on a personal trainer every day to get you to the gym, to make sure you do the numbers of reps required and to constantly pressure you into eating better.

Like a little helpless child.

And before you think you've aced all those questions and are ready to embark on online coaching, go over them again and make sure you really understand. Because I've just summed up 75% off what the population are unable to do, having worked with hundreds of individuals both online and in person.

My job is not to motivate you. My page and content is there to help motivate. Once you are motivated enough to act, then you pay me to get you results.

Don't expect me to coach you when you don't even turn up for practice. Because the coaching and the team goes on without you, i.e. I have dozens more clients who want to work and therefore deserve my attention more. When I joined the military, my instructors didn't give a flying fuck whether I was 'motivated' or whether I got out of bed in time. And it was one of the greatest lessons, and methods of delivering a lesson, I've witnessed. This is obviously not the military, but the values required are similar, and the method model for realising those values holds as it it were the military.

It's military-like discipline, integrity and hard work which is going to get you results with your physique. And those values CANNOT be taught. They are discovered within, and surface when immersed in the right environment. And unfortunately, some people never possess them in the first place, which means they'll never discover them either.

What I charge for a month of Premium-tier online coaching is the same as what I would charge for ONE HOUR of personal training, yet still there are people who complain about, and are put off by the cost. If I could justify charging that amount for an hour (and was busy all day, every day as PT) owing mainly to the amount of knowledge on training, nutrition and supplementation I could transfer to someone in 60 mins, never mind the actual training session, just imagine how much I could transfer in a month...

In a single month I will teach you more than several YEARS of training alone, Googling nonsense and finding out the hard way would. In a single month, I will turn around your entire approach to training and nutrition, potentially saving you years of spinning your wheels. Potentially saving you thousands of wasted dollars spent or programs, supplements and gym memberships, leaving you looking exactly the same.

But you have to be ready and willing to learn. My best and most successful clients are in contact with me frequently, some almost daily. They ask questions, send me pictures and constantly want to learn and understand the process better. Understand THEIR process better! That's the true benefit of online coaching. And unfortunately not many are aware of this because of the large number of imposters selling bullshit cookie-cutter programs because they're 'Athletes' or ex-Love Island wash-ups, and thousands of muppets just assume they know what they're doing. Just because someone has good genetics and can get themselves into good shape, does not mean they know the first thing about helping you.

In summary then, take this in, think it over, decide whether you actually want online coaching before you commit to something that you know deep down inside you're going to fail at because you just don't have the metal for it...

All I need is commitment, determination, a little self-discipline and some integrity. If we have those basic qualities (which should form the basis of qualification into adulthood) then I will be the best damn investment you ever make.

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